Thursday, 1 October 2009

Collaboration thoughts

What do I want to achieve?
On an academic level its to produce a piece of work in collaboration with someone with a different range of skills, bounce ideas off each other, and produce a work that effectively is greater then the sum of its parts. On a personal level its a great opportunity to learn new skills, refine existing ones, and most importantly for me, to be put out of my comfort zone and do something that otherwise would have been left alone.

My background - Music production. Which forces me to slant away from a project that is built solely around audio. This doesn't however rule out the use of audio in an installation or piece or work. What is interesting to me is the effect audio/sonics have upon us in a physiological/psychological sense. Im just going to list a few 'key' words i feel are important to this, it might help!

  • sensory
  • cyclic feedback
  • tactile
  • interactivity
  • creative input devices

Works/Installations of interest

Steve Reich's 'Pendulum music'

Reich here uses sounds that are usually seen as 'unwanted/undesirable' in the audio world, to produce generative composition. Whats interesting to me is that when viewed in the context of an art installation, the resultant sounds feel musical; turning undesirability into creativity.

Nathaniel stern/Greg Shaker collaboration - 'Undertoe'

I've chosen this example because of its interactive nature. Although an unfinished concept it pulls together the sensory, feedback, and interactivity elements of where i want to go with my work. 'Undertoe' also touches on the theraputic side of art which is an exciting avenue i wish to explore.
More details here,

Public Intervention....I also found of this interest but wont dwell too much on at the moment. Nevertheless have a look at the following slide show: SpYInterventions (under 'interventions tab')

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