Saturday, 17 October 2009

Side track - Computer Music

Nice discussion with Jonathan Green and the Jazz group/DAP group yesterday.
Ideas within Electronische music, Music Concrete, and Stochastic music were explored and within this, how computer based music moved through analogue, to natural sounds, and then to probability based generative structures.

I've always been interested in ideas of spatialisation and diffusion within live electronic music. Electroacoustic composition and particular music performed acousmatically is a difficult concept to engage with initially without actually having worked with sound organisation. I found a lot of people in the workshop switched off a little when listening back to most examples. I suppose it takes a while to connect with music without conventional musical events and definable attributes.


Jonathan's video examples reminded me of ideas that i want to explore during the DAP course. The following example sets it all neatly for me. WYSYG (What you see you get) uses sensor based technology to directly translate light to sound 'phrases'. The whole idea of audiovisual performance and particularly using light as a variable greatly interests me.


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