Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The sitting room scene

Love story
The purpose of the sitting room was to introduce the idea of new beginnings. The surrealist nature of the hospital setting directly next to the sitting room is placed with the intent to forge a link between relationships that may have come into fruition in wartime, maybe consultants and nurses, soliders and hospital staff. The idealic setting of a middle class house with comfy sofas, carpet and pictures on the wall are a far cry from the dirty, blood stained hectic pace of the hospital before.

The large poppy picture on the wall is mounted on simple poppy wallpaper symbolising the end of war and the intent for remembrance. This reflects the aesthetic for the piece as a whole which attempts to give the same impressions about the hospital move.

The ambient sound of children playing and birds chirping again plays directly after the sound of a busy hospital waiting room. This attempts to merge the two spaces as sonically they are very similar; indiscernible talking, and busy natured, but have very different social contexts; one playful, one panicked.

Once inside the room, tied to one of the chairs is a love story of a housebound to her husband at war. The response is tied to a bed, a reference to a hospital bed or a service bunk.


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