Sunday, 17 January 2010

Test day 11th Jan

Test day
Today was a trial run with all the equipment in place to see if all the technologies worked together properly and that the sound/visual was coherent and sat well in the space. Firstly we set up the internet connection without a hitch. 10/10 :D - that was my biggest concern.
We sourced all the speakers and leads we needed and set up the HUD and keypad. All communicated and worked well. The quad speaker arrangement and samples worked ok after a little tweaking with my audio interface (as id set some of the dac outputs incorrectly). A small behringer desk served as a line mixer for the separate audio samples, while the halls main speaker pair routed the in-game sound very well.
There are a couple of things we need to sort out before tomorrow. Firstly we are having trouble displaying the tower animation on an external mac screen using a laptop to run it on. We think this is probably just a broken adapter so hopefully it will be a quick fix tomorrow. If not we'll have to run off a desktop mac. Secondly there are a couple of models left to go in the piece; the tank and the sowing machine. Thats going to be tight!....

We only had from 2-5 today so really only had around 10/15 minutes to have a go with the HUD etc to see how interactive it felt. The surround speaker stuff seems to really effective and when performed you really feel immersed in the experience so from that point i think the sound will be a success. Ill be very interested to see how an audience react to the interface, and the piece as a whole

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