Sunday, 22 November 2009

Not too happy!!!

Ok so its currently 6am, 6 hours after i decided just to 'have a go' at looking at colour correction. I was trying to produce a colour desaturation when you walked into a specific area...

What i have worked out...

1. Everything that i have read online is wrong!! Using a color_correction_volume entity linked to a trigger brush gives you the opposite effect to what is required! You step into the triggered area and colour is RESTORED when in fact you want the correction to happen when that environment.

2. Making it work by putting a volume of trigger brushes around EVERYTHING BUT the environment has its problems unless you put it all in a func_detail before applying the linkages

3. When the thing does eventually work the effect bleeds into the rest of the map - the whole map desaturates slightly so it looks less vibrant then before. Not only does it make the map less lively but it nullifies the whole point of a drastic colour desaturation!

4. Throughout typing this whole blog entry ive had to correct every instance that i've written 'colour' because ive programmed myself to type 'color'

5. Im worried that sound and (potential) animation triggering is going to lead to just as many problems.

I can see myself having another go tomorrow although i dont think there is a single setting in the colorcorrectionUI or the func_detail properties i havent tried. If i cant get it to work id rather lose the desaturation effect and try and produce something that swells shadow or lighting or something, i really dont know. It just seems a shame to lose the vibrancy of the piece for one small effect.

One thing is for sure though, i gotta get out of this 3am, 4am, 3am, 6am OCD fueled work pattern. Sometimes i think if i left it alone a while and even slept on it id have a clearer picture or at least the will to try a few more times. Lets see what tomorrow brings


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  1. Follow up:

    We moved our installation into Half Life Episode Two due to its better stability and quality of entities. Such particles include particles, ignition and physics properties.
    I gave the colour correction tools another go in Episode Two (Orange box) and found the volume triggers worked but transition from the one colour state to the another was not very fluid. No parameter gave the required conditions so we all felt the effect was not worth pursuing further.