Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Second Floor Plan

Here are the Second Floor plans for the Wartime Scene


This floor is where is starts to get a little surreal.
As you enter the second floor you are met with gun fire, explosive noises, and generally a very busy and intrusive soundscape. The imagery itself aims to describe a war scene very graphically by actually bringing the outdoor elements of the scene inside. For all intents and purposes this is a beach landing. The walls are replaced with perspective images of beaches, ships, the sea and the other side a high banked steep hill topped with barracks and sea defences. The 'room' is littered with war artefacts. There is a segment of a tank breaking through the wall and anti-tank objects are scattered around. Short fragmented oral accounts from the landings can be heard as you negotiate the space. The space however is fairly void of colour.
Animation elements: Being able to shoot a machine gun?

As you move through the scene the anti-take objects begin to lay side by side with wheelchairs, parts of hospital beds, and general hospital equipment. This merging also happens with sound as hospital equipment starts to bleep around you. Colour begins to saturate as you move towards the hospital doors.

You push through the doors which immediately triggers the halt of the battle sounds. We move into a pre op corridor where the mood is a lot quieter and the oral accounts become more frequent but still ambiguous and fragmented. You can however here the crying of a baby.
The much brighter corridor leads to an operating theatre. The walls here resemble metal framed fabric screens and house an operating table, surgical equipment and blood bags. The overriding hospital sounds become a little more busy. You can hear pumps, bleeps, scissors etc. These merge into a rhythmic pattern so the longer you spend in the hospital environment the more routine like it becomes. This could represent the routine the existing hospital staff/patients must put aside when moving to a new environment. The idea of change, a new environment and hope is depicted with an implied love story between a nurse and a soldier.

The final scene is a room with a single cot inside and the sound of a baby softly crying. The crying sound has been redefined by its environment and now signified new life.
The cot and surrounding wallpaper is covered in poppies.
Animation elements: Being able to rock the cot

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